18 DIY BARBIE HACKS ~ Miniature Hair Clips, Acrylic Paint Set, Dog Carrier Bag AND MORE!

18 DIY BARBIE HACKS for your Barbie Doll. All my original ideas. In the new #DIY video, I will show you how to make 18 miniature crafts and hacks for #Barbie from scrap materials.

In this short video with crafts in 5 minutes I will make unusual shiny Miniature Hair Clips for dolls that will fit both the Barbie doll and the LOL doll and any other doll, and any little girl who wants to wear a Miniature Hairpins in her hair. For Newborn Dolls, I will make two Nipples of pink and yellow color, their lil sister LOL will take. For a Miniature Barbie Dog, I will make a Carrier Bag. So Barbie can take her anywhere with her for a walk. This is a Useful and Super Easy 18 DIY BARBIE HACKS for Barbie.

Two LOL Dolls will get mini-backpacks from me. I make these meanings for them for the first time, but look how beautiful and simple it turned out to make backpacks.

For Barbie, I make a miniature Lip Gloss that really works! Give him your doll too! Do-it-yourself brilliance for your doll using my DIY 5-minute crafts and hacks video tutorial for Barbie. I will also make a Acrylic Paint Set really working in this video. Watch and repeat after me, so you can make crafts for your Barbie yourself!

Also in this 5-minute crafts video you will watch a Barbie shopping basket, a lip-shaped cosmetic bag, panda ears hair clips and miniature hair clips with pompoms.

In the almost 5 minutes #crafts DIY video I make 18 miniature crafts:

- 7 Miniature Hair Clips/ Hairpins
- 2 nipples for newborn baby dolls
- 1 Dog Carrier Bag
- 2 backpacks for LOL dolls
- real miniature lip gloss
- a set of acrylic paints for drawing
- miniature shopping basket
- mini lip makeup
- hairpins with panda ears
- hairpins with pompons for dolls


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