Old Lumber Reborn

All true greenophiles know, everything old is new again! This can apply to fashion, but for now we're talking about wood. Reclaiming, refinishing, and reusing discarded wood for new buildings, interiors, and commodities is a great way to save materials and take the strain off overloaded landfills. This Pulse video travels to North Carolina to visit the Whole Log Lumber mill, which purchases wood from demolition sites, fires, and trash heaps in order to revive and resell it. This place is the fountain of youth for worn out lumber, and the high quality of the semiprecious hardwoods that are routinely uncovered takes business away from rainforest-clearing loggers. It's enough to have sticklers for fine and rare wood muttering about the 'good old days.' But when we follow the wood back to Brooklyn, we find a restaurant under construction, using reclaimed wood from the Whole Log mill to finish a beautiful dining room. Easy, old timer. They're still making 'em like they used to.