How I Glaze My Polymer Clay Charms (with UV Resin)

Hi everyone! Watch in HD :)

In this video I talk you through how I glaze my polymer clay charms using UV resin! A lot of you have noticed how shiny my charms have become in some of my other videos, so here is the tutorial showing you exactly how I do it. While I do really like polyurethane as a glaze, I trialled UV resin about a year ago and love it so much that I haven't looked back. The shine, strength and protection it gives to my charms makes them look and feel so much more high quality, which is why I now use it. I really hope you enjoy this video and gain something from it!

Things I cover in this tutorial:
- What I use to glaze my charms (UV resin)
- Materials you will need to glaze and cure
- UV light options
- Steps of glazing (charms and figurines)
- Cleaning your materials
- Benefits of using UV resin over other glazes

Where to find UV resin online:

Sophie and Toffee (25g smaller bottle)-

Sophie and Toffee (60g bigger bottle)-

MiniatureSweet (25g smaller bottle)-

MiniatureSweet (60g bigger bottle)-

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