Miniatures,UV resin ,kawaii crafts\ MiniatureSweet review

Hey everyone! I am back with a new video. I got this products from
Here are the links to all products I got for those who want to try something different like UV resin,Bezel Charm making,etc.

White ceramic coffee cups:
20mm Glass Bubble:
Glue On Bead Cap:
Glass Globe Ring:
Miniature Cultery Set:
Assorted Dried Flowers:
3ml Disposable Liquid Dropper:
Resin Ring Mold:
Cat Resin Ring Mold:
Unicorn Resin Ring Mold:
Rabbit Resin Ring Mold:
Ice Cream Open Bezel:
Clear UV Resin:
UV torch:
Silicone Work Mat:
Alphabet Silicone Mold:
Bear Silicone Mold:
Number Silicone Mold:
UV nail gel:
Cat Head Open Bezel:
Unicorn Open Bezel:
Cat Mold:
Gummy Bear Mold:

They have: bezels, UV resin, UV Flashlight, findings, cabochons, miniatures etc etc. I honestly do believe you get a good deal especially if you don't know what kind of resin crafting style you like and just want to explore.

I can't wait to make some open bezel key charms!

My favorites: dried flowers, bezels, UV resin (thin type and easy to control) silicone rings.
I´m so exited about all the products I got and I can´t wait to try some resin tutorials!

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