How To Make A Personalized Photo Pendant Key Chain

How To Make A Personalized Photo Pendant Key Chain

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How To Make A Personalized Photo Pendant Key Chain
by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil
The O'Neil Sisters
Running With Sisters

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Have you ever wished you could turn a favorite photo into a photo pendant? It's easier than you think! We have a video tutorial and complete written instructions to show you just how quick and easy it is to make a photo pendant.

Abridged Transcript
"To make this photo pendant, you need a bezel pendant. Ours is shaped like a heart, and it's silver. Then you need Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos UV Resin. You need a glue stick, clear packing tape, a toothpick, scissors, and a photo. To make the photo pendant, we printed out our picture (Laser printer) and we cut it out. Next we laminate the photo using packing tape. Then I burnish the edges of the photo. I can use my scissors to cut that out. I'm going to leave a little bit of an edge of that sealed packing tape all the way around the photo. I want to glue it inside the bezel. Put glue all over the back. Now we'll pop that in to the bezel.

This is Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos, and we're going to start right in the center of our bezel and squeeze some on. The idea what this resin is, it's gonna set up in the sunshine. It's the UV that makes it set up and then it's gonna create a little glass dome over the top. I'm tipping the bezel around to make the resin go all the way to the edge. Now we want to take our pendant outside, make sure that you place your pendant on a level surface. Let it cure in direct sunlight and that'll take 15 to 20 minutes.

Our resin is all set up. You can see we've got a nice glassy surface here that's hard like glass and now we have a beautiful personalized photo pendant that would be great actually as a pendant or it could be a keychain.

To make the keychain, we have a lobster clasp, keyring, three flathead headpins in silver. We have some silver chain that has large open links. We've got some beads here. Then we have our picture pendant. This is a photo pendant that we made in a heart bezel. And for tools, we have wire cutters and round-nose pliers.

To make a personalized photo keyring, we're going to turn these beads and spacers into some beaded dangles and attach them to a piece of chain and then assemble all of that together on our lobster key ring. To start, we're going to take our chain, and we're going to cut four links of chain. We set aside our beads and spacers into clusters based on how we want to design our bead dangles, and we'll start by making the shortest one first. We've got a headpin and we're going to slide on one of our round silver spacer beads followed by a daisy spacer then add our Thai silver, then add another daisy spacer and a round bead. To make this into a dangle, we're going to make a wrapped loop in the top of our headpin wire here. Before I close that loop I want feed it on to my chain. I'm going to take my chain, the second link, and I'm going to nestle it into the loop. I'm going to wrap this loop. I'm going to grasp across the loop with my pliers, take the tail of my headpin, and pull it around the neck two times and then cut the tail with my wire cutters. We'll make two more bead dangles with the rest of the beads attaching them to the next links on the chain.

I've got all of my dangles on my chain, and now we're ready to assemble our keyring. I slide the last link of the chain onto the keyring. Now we slide on our photo pendant. And there is our darling, personalized photo keyring with our beaded dangles."

You are all done! Isn't that lovely? Of course, you can load it up with your keys now and carry it with you, but we also think it'd be fun hanging from your purse. And if you have any questions about the photo pendant or the key chain, leave us a comment and we'll reply. We love to help!
Happy Crafting,
Jennifer & Kitty

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