How to Paint Dot Mandalas Animal Lover Pet Memorial Rainbow Swirl Pattern Tutorial

If you love animals, rainbows, swirls, dot mandalas or all of these things, then this will be a fun one for you!

If you have complete set or the 16 size set of Marks Mandalas dotting tools you be able to easily follow along with this tutorial. Both versions are available on Amazon. The complete tool set is on Etsy for international customers.
U.S. customers:
International customers:

Here is the link to my tutorial video showing how to find the center of most items using my Marks Mandalas Lesson 6 sheet which is available for free to download and print.

Here is the link if you would like to download and print any of my lesson sheets to paint on or to use to find the center of your pieces you paint on:

If you decide you are going to give the video a thumbs down I would greatly appreciate if you would contact me to let me know what you do not like. I learn so much from the feedback I receive and I am always trying to find ways to improve what I do including my videos. Thank you.