How To Vocal Scratch (Beatbox Scratch Tutorial) | Dontae Catlett

A lot of you have been asking for me to make a vocal scratch tutorial since I dropped my crab scratch tutorial.

How To Vocal Scratch? Beatbox Scratch Tutorial


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Want to learn how to beatbox? Beatboxing is easy for people of all ages to learn. I guarantee I can teach you how to beatbox! We are all different so you have to develop your own style based on rhythms that you feel inside of you. This video shows you how to develop basic sounds in to patterns that will set you on the road to becoming a beatboxer.

Kick Drum →
High Hat →
PF Snare →
Inward K-Snare →
Throat Bass →
Crab Scratch →
PF Kick Drum →
Click Roll →
Siren →
Synth Sound →
Bongo →

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