Origami standard rose tutorial (Kawasaki Rose)

Learn how to make an origami standard rose (Kawasaki Rose)

Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Level: Between Beginner and Intermediate
“The Rose” (sung by Bette Midler and written by Amanda McBroom) is a cover song done by Hyo Ahn
Other music included was written and arranged by Hyo Ahn

This origami standard rose is an easiest rose out of three kinds of Kawasaki rose.
One difficulty for folding this rose is to master a skill to twist the center part of paper.
There are other method to get away from this technique for square paper but it is recommended to master it since you can not get away from the twist-fold for regular pentagon, hexagon, or so on.

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If you are looking for other rose models, go to http://www.origami-flower.org/howto-origami-rose.php