Growing Rose Cuttings In a Potato Debunking the Myth

This video was made to uncover the truth about growing rose cuttings in a potato rooting method. Numerous websites and YouTube videos are trying to convince you that this method works and works really well especially with cut roses.We summarize all those recommendations and tried to follow them step by step. All the sources have slightly different techniques and tips but the same tricky conclusion: put your rose pieces in potatoes and watch them grow. There is no explanation whatsoever on why this method would be successful.
Of course our outcome was negative. And we were completely sure that would happen and there are scientific explanations as to why.
Science tells us that damaged vegetables almost immediately produce ethylene. Even more ethylene will be produce later, when soil habitants, like bacteria and fungi get into the wound of the potato and the rotting process begins.
Ethylene is volatile plant hormone works against root hormone auxin and the growth hormone cytokinin. Multilevel interactions occur between all of them and as a result, large amounts, much more then normal levels, of ethylene emerge from rotten, and damaged potato. This level of ethylene may even kill the rose itself.
No other factor, like the ones we summarized in this video will overweight such strong ethylene effect.This includes the rose's stem length, rose piece thickness, the presence of green leaves for photosynthesis, the presence of greenhouse effect, the angle of the cut, and the number of knots or buds on the roses stem piece.