Making a Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe (no lathe)

How to make your own tobacco pipe using a drill-press (no lathe). Easy, fun and reproducible process.
Mouthpiece / Stem 3/8" (9mm) : (USA) (Canada)

Round Nose Router Bit (3/4") : (USA) (Canada)

Hole Saw : (USA) (Canada)

Reamer Set : (USA) (Canada)

Wood Rasp Set : (USA) (Canada)

The Best Combination Saw Blade 10" : (Canada) (USA)

The stock I used is a piece of Cherry Wood. Cherry is a good and durable wood for a pipe. A good alternative to Briar wood and very different color. I used Raw Linseed oil (non-toxic).

Here is the list of tools I used :
- Radial Arm Saw (optional)
- Drill-Press (cheap, with vise)
- Caliper (optional)
- Drill bits :

+ Pilot hole : twist drill bit 7/64" (2.5mm)
+ Air hole : twist drill bit 9/64" (3.5mm)
+ Stem insert hole : twist drill bit 13/32 (10mm)
+++ ...and reamer bit 13/32 (10mm)
+ Bowl hole : Forstner bit 3/4" (19mm),
+++ ...and Core-Box (round) router bit 3/4" (19mm)
+ Outside bowl : Hole-Saw drill bit 1-1/2 inch (38mm)
+ Outside stem base : Hole-Saw drill bit 7/8 inch (22mm).
+ De-burring / countersink bit 1/2" (optional)
- Hand Saw
- Wood Chisel 3/4" (19mm)
- Wood Rasps (could use files)
- Sand paper (80, 120, 240 grits)

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