Cleaning Wax: No More Washing Your Car!

Walking into a store, and looking at the shelf full of a thousand different waxes is extremely confusing! Consumers have no idea which one is "best" for there situation, and as a result it can be very frustrating. In this video, I break down the fundamentals of cleaning waxes... what they are, why people use them, how to use them, and when. I also do a side by side comparison of the visual difference between a traditional spray wax, and a cleaning wax. Follow along in this in depth cleaning wax explanation, and stop being confused when your shopping for car care products! The industry wants to take your money, so learn how not to give it to them, and get what you want. Cleaner waxes are great products, however they are not something that I use in my professional detailing world. I would consider them a more do-it yourselfer product, however I do know professional detailers who use them. All in all, they are great for many different situations, check out this video, and see if cleaner waxes are for you!

Meguiar's Liquid Cleaning Wax:

Meguiar's Paste Cleaning Wax:

FW1 Spray Cleaning Wax (What I use in the video, and one of may favorites... though it is not technically a detailer's product)

Meguiar's Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax: