I Spent £200 On The Strangest Fashion Items From Ebay Wish and Zaful Success Or Disaster ?!

I Spent £200 On The Strangest Fashion Items From Ebay Wish and Zaful Success Or Disaster ?! Was it worth it ?!
So, I test and try on a lot of clothing and products from different websites and today I spent £ on Zaful, I spent £ on Ebay, I spent £ on wish clothing and products and found the strangest, weirdest, most ridiculous fashion items to try on to see if they were a success or disaster! I bought the strangest pair of heels to test! I have done a few I spent £200 on the strangest fashion items videos and have bought strange and weird fashion items from wish, ebay, zaful and asos in the past, let me know if you find any items I should try! Or if I should go out in public wearing them!
Let me know if you would wear any of these items! And which you think were a success or a complete disaster / failure! :')

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I spent £ on Zaful : https://youtu.be/4kNgdehkLDk

Very Extra Clothing from Wish : https://youtu.be/AWq8pl4qqpY

Cutting my hair with Wish products : https://youtu.be/1p7EyfRk-nI

I tried clothing I bought from Wish : https://youtu.be/KlbzO0RwCrk

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