2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) 3.7 Electronic Shift Module (ESM) Problems U0404 P0700 Codes

What to do if your Park, Drive, Neutral, and Reverse indicator on your dash all light on your dash. You will get U0404 and P0700 codes. The Jeep will not move, hesitate, buck, go into failsafe mode, or drive normal. If it does any of the above, pull over and restart the Jeep. Mine bucked and started to run normal after the lights flashed and the MIL or check engine light went on. Drove it 150 miles no problem. MIL or check engine light stayed on. You will get poor gas mileage, and the transmission will shift poorly. Save yourself over 1000 dollars and clean the ESM first. 99% chance its just dirty. Questions or comments leave below. I respond to everyone. Just trying to help you guys out and save you money. Like, share, and subscribe... You can do it all you will need is a small screwdriver, t10,t15, and t20 torq head screwdriver, 10mm socket, electronic contact cleaner, and 4-7 q-tips. takes around 30-45 mins to complete.