DIY Farmhouse Blanket Ladder 🌻

Today I am sharing with you how easy it is to make a blanket ladder for your home! They really make a big statement in your decor and they look good in all different colors and sizes : ) Thank you SO much for watching and I hope this inspires you to make one too! : ) ❤

Fyi, I'm sorry about the background noise in the's a 3D printer and I couldn't turn it off mid-print : (

🌻2 - 1x2 8ft strips ($1.22 each at Home Depot) - Cut each one to 5ft.
🌻2 - 3/4x48inch dowels ($3.25 each at Home Depot) - Cut each one to 3 -16inch pieces.
🌻1 - Sanding Block (Dollar Tree)
🌻Paint or Stain of your choice
🌻Hammer and nails

A little bit about me:
My name is April : ) I am a married mom of 1 son. We have 1 cat and a 14 year old mini dachshund named Sissy. My favorite color is pink. I enjoy thrifting and gardening and I love all things Vintage and Farmhouse : ) I get really inspired by watching DIYs so I hope to spread that inspiration and maybe make some friends along the way : ) Thank you SO much for watching! ❤

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