ASUS ZENBOOK UX31 UX31E UX31A Full Take Apart and Reassemble

No music. No talking. Just work.
If you are taking your ASUS ZENBOOK UX31 laptop apart be careful and wear an anti-static wrist band or use other anti-static device. If you need to change a screen usually you don't have to take screen out of a laptop. With this laptop it is also possible, but since it is a delicate one - better will be anyway to remove it.
Follow my G+ post about this laptop and you will find a few trick to know.
Some laptops I take apart first time, so don't be serious on my time and performance.
If something got broken - ooops, it's your fault.
Believe me, some parts in your laptop are already broken, you just don't see that.
Have fun and good luck!!