Proper piping for a dedicated circulation line on a Rinnai RUR series unit.

Here is the second half of the circulation videos on the piping for a dedicated line to a RUR series unit.
the RUR unites can handle 100 feet of 1/2" circulation piping and 400 feet of 3/4" piping.
The circulation gets connected back into the cold water feed of the tankless with two check valves( SPRING CHECK VALVES ONLY) the check valves are there to prevent cold water from backing up into the circulation line or circulation water backing up into the cold water line . Its good to install a separate isolation valve on your return line in case you need to close it off. if you want you can install a drain valve before the valve.
Bleeding procedures for a RUR series unit.
At this time do not plug the unit into the electric outlet or turn the power on to it.
After you turn the water on in the house, pop the relief valve to bleed any air from the tankless
Next go to all the faucets in the house and bleed any air from the hot and the cold. Take your time and get all the air out of the piping.
After that's done go to the tankless and bleed out two to three pints of water from the black bleeder fittings first under the cold side and then from under the pump side. Once that's done pop the relief valve one more time and you are ready to set the tankless and test for hot water.
I hope you enjoyed this video and was helpful with the piping on your new unit.
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Thanks Mike