Toyota Corolla Front Brake Pads & Rotors Replacement 2013 2017 3 1/2 Minute DIY Video

How to replace the front disc brake pads on a 2013-2017 (11th Generation) Toyota Corolla. This video shows work on a 2015 Toyota Corolla Sedan, yours will be very similar.

In this video I have included steps to clean and lube the guide pins. It is good to do this maintenance, I usually do it every other time I change the brakes on my cars, because I drive so much, my brake jobs are frequent. You may want to clean and lube the guide pins with every brake job you do.

NOTE about what lube to use:
Be sure to use Silicone Paste or some other high heat lube made for use with rubber, may types of lube will degrade rubber. I really like the 3M Silicon Paste, it is expensive but its great stuff and one bottle lasts a really long time. Here is the the Amazon link below: $19.95

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14mm Socket
17mm Socket
Torque wrench
21mm lug wrench
Silicone Paste (high temp, rubber safe lube)
Flat Head Screw Driver
Vehicle jack with stands & wheel blocks
Eye Protection
Brake Cleaner
Paper towels

Two (2) PowerStop Brake Rotors or Equivalent
Here is the link to a cheaper and superior rotor than the one used in this video:

One (1) Wagner Quick Stop Ceramic Front Brake Pad Set (4 Pads) ZD1210A or Equivalent
Here is the link to the Brake Pad kit used in this video:

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