This is the fastest and easiest way to transition to any SONG, BPM, or GENRE!

All you need to do is press a single button, and you are good to go!

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*****Setting it up******

Technically you can do this effect transition with any DJ software. But for this tutorial we’re going to use the DDJ-RB with Rekordbox DJ

So we’re going to do 3 types of transitions

1. Vinyl Break
2. Echo Out
3. Backspin

And we’re going to use record box DJ’s PAD FX to do it:

Let’s set it up:

Let’s start with the vinyl break transition

1. Click Hot Cue
2. Select Pad FX
3. Click the tool icon so that we can edit
4. Then click any section
3. Now Select RELEASE FX
4. And then select V. Brake
5. Now we set the beat to 4/1
6. And finally make sure that the HOLD option is set to ON

Let’s now do the Echo Out PAD FX transition *SHOW*

Select another empty space,
Select release fx
Select ECHO
Then make sure that the beat is set to 1/2
And that the hold option is set to ON

And finally let’s set up the backspin PAD fx transition

Select another empty space,
Select release fx
Select backspin
Then make sure that the beat is set to 4/1
And that the hold option is set to ON

To activate the PAD FX, all you guys gotta do is select PAD FX on your controller then click the button where you just made your custom PAD FX Release transition.

To deactivate click the same button again.

And you are good to go.

You now have 3 easy PAD FX release transitions in your arsenal for mixing.


The trick to making this transition sound good are 2 things:

1. Timing
2. The recognizability or intro of your next song

when the beat slows down or echoes out, try to play the next song in time with the effect.

Scratching and drumming can also help


Also make sure that the next song is recognizable, or at least has a cool intro. For maximum audience impact

****When to use it****

This is a great and easy way to transition to any song or any genre, because you are stopping the music in a way the audience can understand.

It just sounds natural for them to hear an echo , a backspin or a song slow down.

For me this is one the best and easiest ways to transition out really quickly
especially in emergencies like when you realize that your current song is ending and you haven’t properly beat matched the next song,

or when you want to change genre,

or when you want to switch to another song that has a very different bpm than your current song.