I Try To Dye My Hair With Kool Aid...

Today I try to dye my hair using Kool Aid. Not sure what I was expecting, but it is not what I got. I would label this attempt as a fail and hopefully can redeem myself sometime in the future. Is this me participating in an American childhood Summer ritual? Possibly a how to video gone wrong.
Lessons learnt - Not enough Kool-Aid left in the packet, hair too dark and possibly too thick. Maybe keep it on longer next time... Also learn to wash my face properly in the shower.

This is a random video and I honestly debated posting it... Then I had a look at things I've uploaded in the past... I feel like this is on 'brand' for someone with no 'brand' or specific type of content.

Trying American candy, snacks and drinks part 1 and 2:

Thank you for watching and see you soon Xx