Metal Gear Solid Big Boss Venom Snake Bionic Arm DIY Cosplay Step by Step Tutorial

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*** UPDATE ***

About the white text on the arm:
At the time I made mine, I could only find these pictures that were blurry
But I just found a better site with clearer visiblity, so here's what I can tell the text says...

- Glove:
Motion sinew protection gauntlet
Rolling torque -9.2±0.4 N•m

- Forearm Latch:
Forearm holding lever hatch (OD)

- Backside Bolt:
Fieldstripping fastener d
Do not use molybendum lubricant

- Black Base:
Diamond Dogs R&D
Artificial Limbs Laboratory
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- Thumb (this is only a guess, as it's very hard to read in online pics):
CAUTION: Overhaul must be done at designated workshops

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps! :D