DIY Toy Motorcycle Showpiece | How To Make A Toy Motorcycle Showpiece

Hi! Friends, In this video I would like to show how I made a motorcycle showpiece. Here, we use a nail polish container, ball bearings, iron rod, nuts & bolts etc to make the motorcycle model. Choose a nail polish container having an appropriate shape as shown in the video. Ball bearings form the wheels of the bike. A combination of worm and nuts & bolts form the engine part. All parts are glued in position using a solvent cement. Finally, the motorcycle showpiece is spray painted.

Materials Required:
1) Nail polish container
2) Iron rod
3) Nuts & bolts
4) Ball bearings
5) Worm gear
6) Copper wire
7) Pen
8) Beverage can

Tools Required:
1) Scissors
2) Pliers
3) Flex kwik (solvent cement)
4) Spray paint
Music: Off The Rebound