daith piercing review! (price, pain, & does it help with migraines?)

hey! this is more of a sit-down and talk video where i go over everything you need to know about the daith piercing! i hope it helps, & if you have any more questions about it, comment or DM me on instagram! #daithpiercing

☆helpful time cards:
what is the daith piercing? 00:32
place i got mine pierced: 00:45 (Cardinal Tattoo & Piercing)
price?: 00:55
pain?: 01:22
procedure: 02:07
jewelry: 02:28
how i clean: 03:16
migraine miracle? 04:10
pros and cons: 05:05

☆just a tiny disclaimer: in no way am i any type of expert in the subject. this is all what i have learned from my personal experience. your experience might not be the same as mine!

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