DIY : Photo Backdrop Stand, Less Than $10 Under 10 Minutes

DIY Photography Backdrop Stand
Spend Less Than $10 and 10 minutes to make!

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This is my first DIY project. I decided to make this backdrop stand so when I film my YouTube videos. I bought all of the products used from my local Home Depot. I bought three 10 feet long PCV pipes. 4 end caps, 4 T-caps and 2 Elbow Caps. I had a Home Depot Employee cut the PCV pipe for me in store. The 1st PCV was cut in TWO 54 inch long pieces. The 2nd PCV pipe was cut into FOUR 30 inch long pieces. The 3rd PCV pipe was cut into FOUR 12 inch long pieces. I got this idea from Pinterest and I found it very helpful. I spent $10.23 total, including tax, and it took me less than 10 minutes to construct this project. This is great for Vlogging, low-budget photography studios or even a photo-booth at an or birthday party!

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